Gill and family have owned Bibbaringa north of Albury since 2007. The Taylor family formerly owned property in the Riverina of NSW since 1913. She is focused on rebuilding soil, slowing the flow of water through the landscape and producing healthy nutrient rich beef.

Bibbaringa is 950 hectares and runs between 300 and 500 cows and adult cattle on native and improved grasslands. “We are aware of the importance of living within our means and looking after the environment we manage. We are passionate about caring for the land and using the rules of nature to guide us.”

“The focus at Bibbaringa has been to build soil and have 100% ground cover throughout the year. I have used the principals of Holistic Management whereby we graze cattle strategically and allow adequate recovery for plants before we graze again. I have planted over 60,000 trees on 120ha. And 100ha is managed to regenerate native trees, shrubs and grasses.’

Gill is a keen seeker of alternative ideas; anything that will help build the resilience of her farm’s ecosystem. For example she uses the knowledge of innovative principles of Natural Sequence Farming outlined by Australian farmer Peter Andrews. She is also working with Biodynamics and Quantum Physics. Further, Bibbaringa is registered with the clean energy regulator to trade carbon in native revegetation areas by building carbon in the soil and trees. 

“My passion is Land management and working with nature. The rewards are enormous and the ability for nature to repair is astounding. I am constantly in awe of the synergy between managing the landscape animals and climate variability. It is constantly changing and there is no recipe.” Each season I access the climatic forecasts and current conditions, grass available and market conditions and alter my stocking rates accordingly.

Gill says the greatest change she’s seen since studying Holistic Management is in her decision-making. “I have learnt to understand how important my decisions are and how they can positively and adversely affect the land and animals I manage. There are constant challenges. I have been managing holistically since 1993 and have seen big improvement in the land and soil and the health of animals. I’ve also found that the family is making better decisions especially in finances and business decisions since practicing Holistic Management principles.”


“The Bibbaringa cattle have grass constantly in front of them because of the our grazing planning. The cattle are 100% grass fed and body weights don’t fluctuate during the seasons because of the grazing planning. Their health and attitude is excellent and content.  As a result I have a happy life and I’m free to contribute to the greater community. “

Gill welcomes visitors to the farm. People who are keen to talk about natural farming practices and to learn more about Holistic Management. 

“I enjoy sharing my experiences of rebuilding Bibbaringa.  I want people to understand the food chain from farm to end consumer. I want them to hear another perspective and understand the power of the food $dollar in encouraging good land management

Gill’s was bought up in Melbourne one of 3 children from parents who started and successfully built a manufacturing business.  She always dreamed of being a farmer and land manager, always involved with the outdoors, horses, and hiking.

“My first job was jillarooing in the Riverina of NSW and in NZ. After studying at Glenormiston Agriculture College I pursued a career in Rural Journalism in WA and South Africa.” After 6 years Gill returned to marry and live north of Jerilderie for 21 years on Pooginook Merino Stud. “There we built up a business that marketed 2000 Merino rams annually. The property was sold in 2007 and we purchased Bibbaringa.”

Gill is a passionate person who loves a balance of work and leisure. “I like to be around happy positive people who are contributing and doing no harm. My greatest pleasure on the farm is having a barbecue in the paddocks. I love the sound of the birds and frogs and peace of where I live.