Sam and Prue are both from conventional farming backgrounds in Vic and NSW. They started their own farming enterprise Holbrook Paddock Eggs in 2010. But the 2006 drought made them question they way they were conventionally farming. As they searched for answers they began learning about Holistic Management. It’s focus on working along side nature and working to a goal based decision making framework struck a chord and so they began.

They now run their stock on ‘Bellvue’, 325 hectares 5 km north of Holbrook which they purchased in 2012.  Alongside the hens, The Pincotts also run a grass fed beef business.

Sam “Bellvue was managed conventionally and was in a very run down state when we bought it. Having applied our Holistic Management principals to the property we are seeing enormous change in both the pasture species and the soil health. “

Prue “Currently we run 7,000 hens for the genuine free range egg market. They are managed under a portable system, whereby the hens and their sheds are moved onto fresh pasture each week.”

Sam “The constant access to the fresh pasture and all the biology within it provides the hens with a well balanced natural diet. The hens follow a herd of cattle around the property under a planned grazing program. They complement each other with their natural grazing/foraging habits.”

Prue “We have chosen not to use any artificial chemicals or fertilisers. Instead the cattle and hens contribute to the soil health in conjunction with our grazing management.” 

Beyond the physical changes in the paddock, the greatest change they are experiencing is the ability to make decisions based on the long term goal for their family, which looks something like this:

To run a family business in which everyone is involved. To maintain a positive attitude for all. To produce nutrient dense food in a truly sustainable and ethical manner and to have time for each other and the community.

Prue “It gives us both enormous pleasure to be able work in the business and on the farm with our four young children. Watching happy contented animals in a low stress environment is very satisfying.” 

Sam “The hens reward us each day with beautiful eggs in return for the environment we provide for them. They are such great animals to watch as they scratch and fluff about. You can get enormous pleasure from just sitting in the paddock with them.”

Prue “ And we feel very privileged to be able to raise our daughters in our rural community.”